Software Engineer

This job is a front-end and back-end software development for Live Commerce. Working at an office in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture.

  • Saitama , Japan
Job Description:

Hello everyone, I am Itabashi, CEO of Live-Commerce.
Are you serious about wanting to introduce products and services that still lie dormant in Japanese markets to those overseas?
If you would like to work in a field that connects people globally, please take the opportunity to read this page until the end.

Digital Studio is a company that supports corporations with the selling of products overseas based on the business motto “Convey Japan to the world.” Since offering ‘support’ alone would make us no different than a simple consulting firm, we have accumulated the knowhow needed for selling Japanese products online by creating our very own online shopping ‘mall’ called Discovery Japan Mall.

Before you read about the positions we are hiring for, we would like to inform you about five aspects of our company. We kindly ask that you read through these five points and send us your application only after you have understood them and, hopefully, have taken interest in our efforts. If you are a non-Japanese, please make sure to read about point 5 in particular.

Convey Japan to the World – We introduce Japanese contents to the rest of the world!


We introduce Japanese culture and sell Japanese contents (merchandise and services) to countries throughout the world via our online platform. Our mission is to inform the rest of the world about the products of our clients. Our company is an exciting mix of Japanese nationals and overseas employees.

I have confidence that products made with heart and soul by craftsmen — for instance the things we casually use and enjoy daily, such as fashion items, anime, architectural structures, apparel, cuisine, toys, etc. — particularly the products of Japan, are by far the best quality in the world. I feel this often when traveling abroad.
Whether it be toys or even food, when you come across something truly impressive that makes you feel “this is amazing!”, it boosts your spirit and brings a smile to your face. In this manner, the products of Japan can add richness and ‘new purpose’ to our daily lives. How wonderful a thing it is, to be able to introduce these products and services to the world.
Through continuing to “conveying Japan to the world,” we hope to add richness to the hearts of as many people as possible. This is the underlying sentiment behind our company motto.

1. Our company continues to grow annually.

This is because enterprises that have realized the significance of Japan’s current social situation regarding the decreasing birthrate and aging population, have started investing in future business — and have chosen Live-Commerce as one of those investment routes.

The number of employees at our company increases each year.
Whether it be customer support, system development or server management, every employee is engaged in their task with the company motto ‘Convey Japan to the world” in mind.

I believe that a continual annual increase of employees is an equal indication of just how actively the domestic market is investing in business overseas. For this reason, the requests from customers have also evolved, creating a wide variety of challenging issues every day. Fortunately, however, we have partners to assist us in creating solutions. When dealing with overseas customers, every day is a day without set answers and working in an organization that ventures into completely new territories of online shopping can be very climactic. In that regard, we are a very exciting company, unlike any other.

2. While we may be meager in size, we are in the midst of creating a rock bed organization.

Digital Studio is not a large corporation that employs thousands of people.
Because of this, we don’t feature a developed vertical sectioning amongst management. At our level — a small-scale company of 20 ~ 30 employees — we have the ability to solve problems together, as team members are able to talk directly to the president — that being me — and share whatever opinions or issues that they might have.

However, for the sake of our growing team, and in order to promote task efficiency, we will need to take on a pyramidal system like those of large corporations. At this very moment, we are in the midst of creating a company system with the help of a consulting specialist. We are a “raw” company that is currently seeing the birth of new rules and in-house chemical changes. In other words, upon entering our work force, there is a possibility you will be tasked to do things that no one has done before or run into work where rules have not yet been defined. If you are looking for growth, as opposed to stability, then I think your life after joining this company will be one of excitement.

To tell the truth, working with our consultant on re-systemizing the company, I too can say that my daily work has never been so fun and exciting.

3. Our company sells our customers the intangible (knowledge, experience, knowhow) in the form of software.

When conveying Japan to the world, it is impossible to physically travel overseas to make each individual sale. This means that we use the modern convenient tool that is the Internet to deliver information to the internet users of the world.

As opposed to selling actual products at retail stores like at a shopping mall, we make the use of browsers to sell our products. In addition to putting knowledge and experience to good use through online shopping, our greatest strength is our utilization of systemized knowhow, in other words, the latest information unknown to other companies. Based on this information, we develop user-friendly software and provide annual updates. In this lies the essence of our company.

In order to obtain the latest information, not only does one need the skills to actively go out and get it, high aspirations for taking on new challenges is also necessary. For instance, there are many foreign staff members in our company who handle our SNS marketing for overseas customers, manage offshore development with foreign companies and more. Since all communications are done in English, one’s necessary English skills differ depending on the job. Complicated technical terms about IT and online shopping are constantly flying about.

There is, however, no need for worry.
Every one of our new employees is unexperienced in the IT industry. We actively invest a lot into our in-house education for the sake of the inexperienced — myself included. We also irregularly hold study sessions.

If you can take on the challenge earnestly, you can obtain a position in these specialized jobs in no time.
As long as you have motivation and high aspirations you will come to understand the greater part of the job within 1 ~ 2 years, after which you will find that using that knowledge to propel projects along is very rewarding.

4. The 10,000-hour rule.

The number 10,000 is the amount of hours it takes to obtain the necessary skills for a specialty job.

For four years, from when I was the age of 25, when I founded my company, until I turned 29, I worked on software development on weekdays alone for twelve hours a day, totaling 11,520 hours over the four years. When you do something continuously for four years, you become better than the others around you. Here at Digital Studio, we engage in our work with the mindset that it is better to be a fool that excels at one thing, than to perform two or three tasks rationally.

I believe that for most people, it is very difficult to continue doing one thing for 10,000 hours. But if you have the right environment and friends, it is most definitely achievable.

By the time you are approaching your 10,000th hour, I think you will be giving off a completely different aura than you do now. To put that into perspective, say, a customer issue that could potentially take you a week to solve now, could, after training for 10,000 hours, take you only one hour.

5. We actively hire foreign workers.

Our company has a very positive stance when it comes to hiring foreigners.
At the moment, we have been hiring mainly workers from the Philippines.

Needless to say, your nationality does not matter. You can start by working based at your own home, and depending on the progress of the project, we provide the opportunity for you to join us here in Japan to work together.

The employees who have shared their voices below visited Japan recently and we enjoyed our time together going to an amusement park and having lunch.
Working together is stimulating and a great cultural exchange for both parties.

Finding a work or job you are passionate about is like searching for your one true love. It needs time and proper discernment. Once you found you will know it is the one and you feel satisfied.

This is how I felt with my work. I found the work I love to do. We all now in the age of information technology wherein computers are becoming in demand. Online business is growing and internet is becoming vital means of marketing . Helping people to build websites and systems gives me a certain satisfaction. I like helping people in finding solutions that meet their needs. But my journey in this area of programming was not a smooth sailing. I was not passionate about programming in the beginning when I took computer science course in the university. There was even a time that I almost decided to change my course which in the end didn’t happen for a certain reason. But, I got to appreciate this field when I started working. I started to see a lot of opportunities to grow in this field. From then on, I started to embrace and enjoy working on web projects.

Job hopping is becoming a norm for the millennials. I also observe these with some friends of my age. As a millennial I also fell on this. For my first 2 years working a programmer, I kept on changing jobs until I found Live Commerce. I stayed in this job and currently I’m on my 3rd year as a developer in this company. What made me decide to stay is not just the salary but the good treatment and experience in the company that I never experienced from my previous employment. In my work, I was given opportunities to learn and develop my skills. Even if we work here in the Philippines and the main office is in Japan, our company CEO, Mr. Norio Itabashi, always makes sure to pay a visit in the Philippines to constantly meet us and to give us an opportunity to discuss our concerns about the projects and at the same time talk to us some business opportunities and updates about the company. I really appreciate this kind of effort which helps us to really feel that we our part of the company even if we our not based on their main office. He really takes care of his employees and always encourages us to keep on learning.

I value my work not because it gives me income. I value my work because I learn while I earn. Learning is very important. In the field of information technology, everything changes constantly. As a developer I always have to catch up for the latest developments so as to be efficient at work or else I’ll be left behind. Finding a job that helps one grow in one’s career and reach his/her personal goals is a blessing and I am blessed with that. In my current work, my eyes were opened to more opportunities that lie ahead of me. Working with Japanese people is a great experience. Their good working attitude inspires me to also value my work and encourages me to keep on learning. Having Japanese colleagues at work is one of the best experiences I have. I enjoy working with them and I am learning a lot from them. They are kind and very professional at work. Even if there are times we have difficulties in communication because of the differences in our languages, still it never became a big issue on working our projects. We maintain a good relationships amongst us.

Knowing the reasons why you do things will help us to love our work and not just get stuck with the idea of doing things for the sake of fulfilling it or just for the salary that we can get. Doing things with a good purpose in mind will have a great significance in the result. Once you are dedicated to your work, the outcome becomes better because you put your heart on it. And at the same time your work becomes a form of good service. You help people with the the good service you provide and it is a noble thing. This is the idea that I want to live. That’s why I keep on reminding myself about this whenever I tend to forget or get distracted with other things. Putting one's heart in every task makes a big difference and that’s a manifestation of valuing one’s work.

Ervic Stijar [Engineer - Philippines]

As an employee of Digital Studio, I value myself and my output as a vital part of this company's success. I know that what I'm currently doing is not that hard compared to other developer's job assignments, but, for me, it's not about that. Whether you're a janitor who just sweeps the floor day and night, or a delivery man who delivers mails and packages to people, you shouldn't belittle yourself as long as you're working hard and putting effort to the success of the company. Whether, you're output is so small, the important this is you tried and you gave your best. You're no different from a president who makes decisions for the whole company.

My point is this, I put my 101% in everything I do. I value my current work as my life, as a part of my everyday routine. Whenever I design websites, I put in mind the company's reputation in line with every font color I choose, every div border I select and every if-else statements that I write. That's why I don't work just for the sake of finishing the job. I work so hard that when the client checks the finished product, they will know that this company and its employees deliver great products to its customers and clients. Why you ask? Because I know that this job will let me achieve my future dream (listed below). I know that this job will make me a better and successful person in the years to come. I know that with the current working environment, with the CEO that stands as my mentor, and my focus and proper mindset, I will be the person that I want myself to be in the future.

Chistian Juliales [Engineer - Philippines]
Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications:

It sometimes makes sense to select texts containing the various letters and symbols specific to the output language.

  • 3+ years’ experience with PHP and/or Java.
  • Web application fundamentals.
  • Good understanding of Object Oriented principles.
  • Experience with frameworks such as Zend Framework, Prototype(JS), JQuery(JS).
  • Knowledge with working on Relational Databases (MySQL).
  • Knowledge of QA automation processes and tools such as Selenium and PHPUnit
  • Sound knowledge of application architecture and design.
  • Bachelors Degree or equivalent