Japan’s products have a good reputation around the world .
Will you set up a business partner arrangement with us to sell made-in-Japan products in your country?

倍受世界好评的 Made In Japan 商品 ・商业伙伴制度  不想在您的国家销售 Made In Japan 商品吗 ?

Made in Japan products are trusted by overseas customers. The high quality and safety of products made in Japan may be why Japanese hands are thought of as being dexterous and polite. Among products made in Japan, some that find their way to unexpected, even surprising places. In a survey of Japanese people, they were asked what they think is most amazing among products made in Japan. Here are some answers. 

The “seams of the Parthenon pillars" got the most votes. The Parthenon, an ancient Greek architectural masterpiece that has been certified as a World Heritage Site, was repaired on a large scale in the 19th century. Kobe Steel’s titanium building material was first used in 1979 as a corrosion-resistant reinforcement. Second place went to Kono Works, a specialized manufacturer of medical devices that made "0.03mm surgical needle thread, the world's smallest diameter needle thread.” Thanks to this needle thread, even blood vessels of 0.1mm diameter can now be sutured, which had been impossible previously. The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry also awarded it the Japan Manufacturing Prize, which gave this Japanese product an official national endorsement. Next, in third place, was SDC Tanaka’s "screws that connect the ‘Hope’ to the International Space Station." These screws that connected the “Hope” Japanese Experiment Module to the International Space Station in 2008 were apparently made by SDC Tanaka when the company had only 22 employees.

Many more products made in Japan are loved the world over; for example, Rolex and Bulgari watch faces, the iPod mirror surface, and others.

If I also like “Made in Japan” and I want to sell it ..

We are partnering with around 700 Japanese small and medium-sized companies, and we operate websites for international sales of Japanese products.

Each site independently handles its international sales, and our platform does not follow eBay’s model of country-by-country aggregation. Therefore, each of our 700 partner companies promotes their own websites, and they have been struggling to expand their ecommerce sales channels. So, now that you have seen this page, if you are interested in Japanese products, and if you think you want to set up a site that sells Japanese products in your own country, we can accept you as a partner in the business.

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Your Benefits

When you become our business partner, you can operate an EC site that sells Japanese goods, and you can set your own selling prices. Although it is a difficult to contract with Japanese companies one at a time to obtain distribution rights, a contract with us will enable you to exclusively sell Japanese goods in your country.

About your partner relationship with our company


Live Commerce

Benefits to you

  • No need to contract with many Japanese companies
  • Simply by contracting with our company, you can start up an EC site to sell tens of thousands of Japanese products
  • You can concentrate on marketing and sales
  • You need not build an infrastructure of servers, etc.


What we will do for you

  • Deliver products from Japanese companies that can sell overseas


Message from our CEO – “I want to tell the world about Japan”

Hello. My name is Norio Itabashi.
I have launched my company’s own business (an E-Commerce Shopping Cart Provider- Live Commerce ™) for international EC mail order sales of Japanese products.
I think that the ordinary products we often take for granted when we use and enjoy them every day—fashions, anime, buildings, garments, food, and toys--were actually created with great care and craftsmanship, and Japanese products such as these are world-class quality. When I have traveled abroad, I have noticed the goodness of Japanese products.


When it comes to toys or food, you may suddenly feel “this is terrific!” and your heart is captured, and your face breaks into a smile. In this way, Japanese products enrich life and make a new life worth living. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be able to convey this experience to the world? By continuously conveying Japan to the world, I want to add even one person to the people whose hearts are enriched, and I have incorporated this concept into our company mission.

We want to work together to show Japan’s products to the world!
With this intention, we are standing by, waiting to hear from you.
The business details are available by email.

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