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Won’t you help me to popularize Japanese products around the world?

I have a dream.
That dream is to promote Japan throughout the world.
I want to promote its culture and products.
In order to make that dream a reality, we need to offer e-commerce aimed at overseas customers, thus the dream can be accomplished through e-commerce sites.

Ninety percent of our clients are Japanese manufacturing corporations who are considering the web as a base for expanding their business opportunities in foreign markets.

However, neither our company nor our clients have sufficient personnel to implement web marketing in the major English-speaking countries such as America, Australia, England and Singapore.

There are many makers of specialist items in Japan, and the products they create could certainly be called the treasures of Japan.

Nonetheless, since they are unable to have an effective presence on the global market, my company has recently established an overseas-oriented web marketing operation for our clients.

I am looking for someone who has the following qualities and skills:
If you are beginner but you love Japanese culture , product,  japanese service, It’s okay to apply, We can teach you how to do these things.

  1. A fan of Japan
  2. 3 or more years’ experience in SEM (Google AdWords)
  3. At least 1 year of experience in SEO
  4. Native English speaker
  5. Able to analyse conversion rate using Google Analytics, and run optimum AdWords campaigns within budgetary constraints
  6. Able to suggest keywords
  7. Able to create copy in accordance with the AdWords advertising quality guide
  8. Able to provide a portrait photo and profile information (education history, employment history, qualifications, etc.) to be published on our website
  9. University graduate

Normal communication is carried out on Skype. For those living in Japan, you would be expected to meet in person for briefings and meetings with clients. Payment per client is a fixed monthly amount.

You would be expected to carry out the following duties:

  • Create campaigns within budget and optimize CPA
  • Configure excluded keywords
  • Analyze and advise on pages that have a high exit rate
  • Create advertise copy

I look forward to receiving many applications via facebook messenger or

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